Healthy Ageing Clinic

Healthy Ageing Clinic

It is important to assess and access the nutritional requirements that match the changes that are linked to our different stages of life. From birth, infancy, teens, pregnancy, menopause, old age and end of life, the nutrients used by the body differ and optimising these is the main aim in healthy ageing therapy.

Healthy Ageing Support Group

This is an opportunity to examine current thinking about health during the stages of life and look at the essential self-help strategies to prevent the development of chronic diseases that are so commonly observed at all stages, how to halt and/or reverse their progress and  how to maintain control.

Learn what natural options are available to avoid going down the diabetes path. Find out what to eat and how to maintain metabolic balance:

  • The food and lifestyle choices you can make to account for the increases that come as we go through the life stages from birth to old age.
  • Some key challenges that we meet on the say such as sugar and appetite control, low energy or excess weight.
  • The best and most healthy diet is one that matches your current needs. With helpful tips and guidance we can try and avoid unhelpful misconceptions.
  • Barriers to healthy living come in many forms and shapes. We look at our relationship with food, cooking and ourselves and how to strengthen these remembering that taking care of our health is a daily task and should be a pleasure.
  • One major misconception concern the macronutrients – our main sources of energy: carbohydrates, fats and proteins so we can road-test our understanding.
  • Internally our body performs millions of metabolic functions which for the purpose of therapy we group in 7-8 groups. What are these functions and more importantly what can we give the body in addition to energy to keep these going in the right way – not over-active and not under-active.
  • In nutritional therapy we emphasise the link between health and diet as well as lifestyle and the environment and we know that when these are lacking a targeted supportive approach – i.e. something has to change, and that is the first step.

Is this for you?

You may benefit from attending this course…

  • If you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with a chronic ailment.
  • If you or someone in your family have a concern about their continuing long-term health.
  • If you wish to hear about the latest research findings that we can apply for the prevention of chronic disease.

While the information is too general to work as a personal management plan you may find that you may be able to implement the few simple pointers to the lifestyle and habit changes that are presented in the course in order to help you steer clear of behaviour patterns that harm your health, and incorporate those that will enhance your quality of life. None of the strategies are

Price:      £47 for four weeks   

Date:       Weekly meetings

Phone for details.

Individual healthy ageing therapy

For an individual consultations in depth assessment make an appointment. This therapy includes functional assessment and individaulised nutritional therapy programme with regular reviews.

A functional nutritional programme is prepared which takes into account the age as well as the lifestyle choices we have made,  whether it is following a stressful work life or increased athletic activity. The aim always is to optimise the nutritional status and move the body from disease along the health line to ease.



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