Functional Nutrition Therapy

Functional Nutrition Therapy – Individual health care for the 21st Century Person

Functional Nutrition Therapy ClinicNutritional therapy is a complimentary form of medicine. The Nutritional therapist applies the findings of scientific research to the clinical situation to trace the causes of disease and design appropriate supportive intervention.

Functional Nutrition Therapy  –  is a revolutionary health care approach for the 21st Century, exploring the connection between our heath and our lifestyle, diet and environment and how they interact with our genes. This connection has long been known, but we continue to ignore its importance. As a Functional Nutritional therapist I explore  these links to support and promote the health of my clients.

Now that research has failed to discover a specific gene for diseases like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and most cancers and chronic diseases the focus is on epigenetics – the individual unique expression of genetic patterns. Epigenetic studies show that lifestyle, diet and environment can turn genes up and turn genes down. Numerous studies show that chronic illness is the result of a mismatch between internal genetic makeup and the choices we make in lifestyle, diet, and environment. Gene expression, not our genomic inheritance, creates the internal changes characteristic of chronic disease. Now strategies that modify gene expression help us in disease prevention and recovery. Since these external factors are modifiable, they become the tools we use in working with individuals to help them towards a healthier gene activity.

The absence of disease does not necessarily mean we are well. A diagnosis of chronic illness comes only after a period of declining function but an assessment of the person’s lifestyle, diet and environment may help prevent disease.

Rather than focus on symptoms management, Functional Therapy aims to assess and manage the underlying causes of these conditions. Investigation focuses on seven inter-connected core physiological processes: absorption, detoxification, cellular communication, cellular transport, defence, bio-energetics and structure.

The consultation Process


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