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Diabetes Self Management Clinic

Diabetes support group

An opportunity to examine current thinking about diabetes, and the essential self-help strategies to prevent its occurrence, halt and/or reverse its progress and maintain control.

Learn what natural options are available to avoid going down the diabetes path. Find out what to eat and how to maintain metabolic balance:

  • The food and lifestyle choices you can make to increase your energy, eliminate mood swings, get rid of cravings, manage your weight, improve your memory and reduce stress, anxiety.

  • What has sugar got to do with appetite control?

  • What are the healthy carbohydrates, and is glycaemic index helpful?

  • The best way to prepare meals and the daily pattern that is best to avoid cravings, mood and energy swings.

  • The truth about fats – are they good or bad for you?

  • Why diets do not work and what to eat for life.

  • Do you need high protein diet to restore hormone signalling?

  • Learn about essential and vital fats, vitamins, minerals and herbs and the foods that best supply these.

  • Why healthy digestion is important for hormone balancing.

  • How to prevent life-threatening long-term complications by supporting circulation and detox.

  • What and why you should eat to combat stress.

  • Why is lack of sleep depleting your hormones and how to best adjust.

  • Is exercise your biggest barrier?

  • Examine lifestyle choices and formulate personal determinations for change.

You will be given strategies than may just be the U—turn you’ve been looking for!

Is this for you?

You may benefit from attending this course…

  • If you or someone in your family has been diagnosed as diabetic (on medication or diet controlled management).

  • If you or someone in your family has been told that they are pre-diabetic.

  • If you wish to be informed in order to prevent getting this disease.

While the information is too general to work as a personal management plan you may find that you may be able to implement the few simple pointers to the lifestyle and habit changes that are presented in the course in order to help you steer clear of behaviour patterns that harm your health, and incorporate those that will enhance your quality of life. None of the strategies are

Price:      £47 for four weeks   

Date:       Weekly meetings

Phone for details.

Individual therapy

For an individual consultations in depth assessment make an appointment. This therapy includes functional assessment and individaulised nutritional therapy programme with regular reviews.

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