Detoxing with Nutrition



Monthly Hove StressBusters event at the Cornerstone Centre

7 December 2016, 7PM

We refer to the removal of spent or useless substances within our body as detoxification. Disturbance of this end-process triggers other less healthy responses within our body, and disrupts our metabolic functions. And Christmas season is probably the worst time of the year in this respect – we overload our body with food, exert ourselves with late nights, parties and drinks, and our poor body gets all clogged up with toxic waste!

My functional Nutritional Therapy work is devoted to the prevention and management of chronic diseases like diabetes, dementia, heart disease, chronic fatigue and osteoporosis.

In this talk we will learn about why moving of toxic waste out of our cells is just as important for health as getting nutrients into them. We will look at some of the more potent substances that are neutralised by the liver and at some foods that provide the right nutrients for this key function. We will also look at some of the symptoms and signs of toxic load in more detail. The answers to the questions we will raise, provide a key to how we can take care to stay free of unnecessary toxic matter and maintain optimal health. We will finish with some strategies which we could try at home for toxicity prevention or relief.

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