Nutritional Therapy 30% Discount Offer

30% Off

Your nutritional status determines your health and reflects your lifestyle and diet. Scientific research has shown that deficiencies and insufficiencies in these are associated with every one of the lingering sicknesses of today. Unhealthy choices are made over time inadvertently and we only notice when their effect reaches a trigger point and turns into sickness. Though prevention is better than cure (and Nutritional Therapy is great for that),  many people also find Nutritional Therapy effective when struggling with a chronic condition such as IBS, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or unexplained pain.

As we are all different, you can find out what changes may benefit your condition or your future health by making an appointment for a personal consultation. This month you can book a block of three sessions between now and 31st December at a special Christmas 30% reduction rate for £180 instead of £270.

If you have any questions about this offer then please call me for a free fifteen  minute chat call me   on 01273 735 770 or send your question by email to

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